Elvis Presley’s Death

Elvis Presley died on 16th August 1977.  Radio Luxembourg was the first radio station to break the news in Europe via The Daily Mirror news desk in London.  Mark Wesley read the news and was immediately followed by Tony Prince who, unscripted and sometimes tearful designated the rest of his 3 hour programme to Elvis and his world wide fans until the station close down.


Tony Currie Interview

Tony Currie Interviewed Alan Bailey during the Radio Luxembourg Reunion in Luxembourg in August 2008.


Ken Dodd’s Spoof

At the height of ‘Luxy’s’ fame, KEN DODD on Radio 2 did a spoof of that famous radio Station and this is his take on it.


40 years in ‘The Biz’

Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman helps Alan Bailey celebrate 40 years in ‘The Biz’. – – – 1998.


208 life with Amanda Bowman

“Alan Bailey at the BBC presents a slice of his 208 life with Amanda Bowman (Jenkins) ” – – – May 2010


Cliff Richard’s recording engineer

“Alan Bailey talks to the BBC about being Cliff Richard’s recording engineer at 208 in the 60’s” – – – September 2009

http://www.mediafire.com/listen/uu2helmmj10rxi0/Cliff-Me-BBC_September 2009.mp3

John Peel on BBC Radio 4 ‘Home Truths’

In 2004 I was on a programme with the late John Peel on BBC Radio 4 called ‘Home Truths’. He was talking to me about a P.O.W Submariner’s recording I found in the occupied Radio Luxembourg’s files where the Nazi’s allowed him to broadcast a message to his Son and Wife all the way from Germany back to Looe in Cornwall. I covered this story in my book. Here is the link to listen:-


Radio Luxembourg Reunion 2nd August 2008

Friday Spectacular and Cliff Richard

friday spectacular flyer


Alan Bailey with Cliff Richard in Studio A of Radio Luxembourg in the 60’s for the recording of his series