208 It was Great by Alan Bailey

ebookLike most books, it came about by a set of certain circumstances. Working with various broadcasters, they urged me to tell them stories about my early career in broadcasting with Radio Luxembourg which they seemed to have found fascinating. They convinced me that I should commit to paper an account of those early days. I thought it was a good idea because I could do it for my children and future generations of my family, a sort of family history. I set to work with my trusty pen and paper, upon completion, various other members of the broadcasting profession voiced their approval and their opinion that I should seek a publisher.

So here, dear listener, is my account of a career with Radio Luxembourg ‘The Station of the Stars’ as seen through my eyes between 1958 and 1975 before I left to help launch a new radio station in the East Midlands. It’s an account of my good times, my bad times, my thoughts and people I crossed paths with on that exhilarating and exciting journey. A journey of which I will be eternally proud.

alanbailey‘208It Was Great’ consists of a foreword by Jimmy Savile, quotes from Noel Edmonds, Dave Christian and Michael Palin, 39 pages of photos and 121pages of wordage in ten chapters.1.In the beginning. 2.The Early Days.3. K.E.Y.N.S.H.A.M. 4. Technical Stuff. 5. Swinging 60’s and Beyond.6.The Presenters. 7. Jimmy Savile. 8. Monty Python. 9. The Highlight of my Career. 10. The End is Nigh.



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  1. H.R - London says:

    Brill! Mine arrived today! The book looks great! Am looking forward to reading it ! …

  2. P.P - Dorset says:

    Just a note to thank you for the book, which arrived in this morning’s post. It’s everything I hoped for – and more as this is such an interesting piece of nostalgia….

  3. Dick Offringa - Emmeloord, Netherlands says:

    The postman just gave me your wonderful book. This is a very nice, clearly structured book about “208, it was great”….

  4. Hans Knot – Groningen, Netherlands says:

    First impression wonderful photos and now I’ve to read it….

  5. P.P – Nottingham says:

    Thanks for signing the book for my brother, I know he’ll enjoy reading it….

  6. D.W – S’th Africa says:

    Absobloodylutely Brilliant!!!! Love it….

  7. Andy Smart - Nottingham Evening Post says:

    If you fancy a trip down a musical memory lane, this is essential reading. Famous names drop off every page, the anecdotes will make you chuckle….

  8. Carl Kingston – Broadcaster says:

    The book is excellent have really enjoyed it and have mentioned it to a lot of my industry friends. …

  9. Jelle B. - Netherlands says:

    I’ve just been reading your book: great stories, great atmosphere and a great station indeed. Very well done! …

  10. Mike T. - Bournemouth says:

    I bought my copy and thoroughly enjoyed it….

  11. Lillemor L - Sweden says:

    Your book is great and I´m going to love it! I already do! …you have made a real great treasure for all us….

  12. A Green - Ireland says:

    I am reading your book at the moment, really enjoying it! Well done! I liked the tech bits and photos in your book!…

  13. Gayle Van Horn - Monitoring Times USA says:

    It’s an interesting glimpse at the author’s career. Thirty-nine photos spread across ten chapters will keep readers glued to the pages. Thanks, Mr. Bailey, for a job well done!…

  14. Todd Slaughter, President, Elvis Presley Fan Club U.K and Fab 208 Magazine says:

    I must say how WONDERFUL your book is, and I just have to say thank you for taking me down Memory Lane. You were so lucky to have that job at such an exciting time in music history….

  15. Mike Turner - Yorkshire says:

    Just to say many thanks for the lovely book – As an ex-BBC Radio man and former Luxy listener it makes for great reading — wish I’d been there too!

  16. Jean Vick - Bedfordshire says:

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your book.
    Wow the memories it brought back. Radio Luxembourg was so much a part of my life and reading your book has just reminded me of how great it was and how lucky we were growing up in the 50’s/60’s.

  17. Petri Silmälä – Finland says:

    Many thanks for the Luxy book that arrived today. An essential part of European broadcasting history.

  18. Paul de Goede - The Netherlands says:

    I have received your book and very impressed by the stories, pictures and general quality. Thank you so much.

  19. S Ogilvie-Goddard. Southampton says:

    A brilliant book promptly delivered. It brought back many memories of listening to RTL. The DJs, the jingles even the notorious fading of medium wave up in Scotland all made this station a joy to listen to.

    The only thing missing was the backroom staff, now made up for with Alan Baileys book.

  20. Steve Fish. Enfield, Midd’x says:

    I am finding it fascinating and very easy to read – well done.

  21. Ian Cookson. Cheshire says:

    The book arrived on Saturday and just couldn’t put it down. 208 it was great and so too was your book. Thanks for a great read.

  22. Frank Howson. Sth Australia says:

    Have received your book & have read it. Thanks so much for your most informative & useful book. Great story & very good photo’s
    Thanks again

  23. Mike Harris – Nashville – USA says:

    Absolutely ‘loved’ your book! Devoured it rapidly with so many memories flooding back. I have recommended it to my buddy Roger Cook (David & Jonathan) who remembers you.

  24. Josef Svoboda -Czechoslovakia says:

    I´ve received my copy of your book – what a great and readable book!

  25. Famagusta Gazette – Cyprus says:

    A really terrific read. That is a great story about the Reich disc, just finished the book, which I loved.

  26. Dave Walker. Spalding, Linc’s. says:

    Thanks for the book it was fantastic to go down memory lane with you, I met you in the sixties.

  27. B Middleton. Arbroath. says:

    Just got THE book. Fantastic and I love the way it’s written, sort of like Alan is speaking to you. layout, pictures, adverts all look brilliant.

  28. Brian Shepherd.(ex-Luxy) California USA says:

    I love the book, thank you for taking the time to document those wonderful years for all to now enjoy. You should be very proud it’s absolutely brilliant. It brought back many memories and it has made me proud to say, Hey! I was there.

  29. Peter Roberts - Linc's says:

    A really splendid book, thank you! It brought back many happy memories of the late great 208, and all those night-time teenage hours spent listening
    How about a second book to follow up Alan, there must be a lot more you could tell us from your experiences?

  30. Mike Spicer – Worcs. says:

    I was given a copy of ‘208 It Was Great’ for Christmas two years ago, and was so enthralled that I read the whole book on Christmas Day. I just couldn’t put it down! Your book brought back so many memories, not only of my visits but also of many, many nights tuning in to my tranny.

  31. John Bolton says:

    Hi Al, (or should I call you Hans?) Finished the book and it is fab. Loads of stuff I didn’t know and yesterday in my lunch hour I went for a walk to Hertford Street to have a look and see if the essence of Luxy was still in the air. Thanks for a great read.

  32. We’ve received the book and we all love it. You really did a great job ! Thanks for the splendid “208 it was great”.
    Nicola Ferrauto (Vicenza) Italy

  33. Jim Stallings says:

    Is “208 It Was Great” still available?

    I listened to RL in 1962-64 while in the US Air Force stationed in WG. I remember the great r&r music when only first 90 seconds were played and then CRASH! I could hear the 45 record being smashed (or so it sounded)! Great fun. We were all the first Americans to hear The Beatles before their US airing.

    Still got a cassette I taped of the late-night RL program on a Grundig console hi-fi of a Canadian airman and his wife’s apartment in Zweibrucken, WG.

  34. David Collins says:

    I was lucky enough to work at Radio Luxembourg for a couple of years in the early/mid 70’s and loved reading about this once much-loved bastion of pop broadcasting. I knew Alan and watched him work…he’s a true gentleman and has written a great account of the late 208.

  35. It is a privelage to have found Alan on Facebook ~ I haven’t talked to him for 42 years, when he worked at Radio Luxembourg behind the Park Lane Hilton Hotel ! I was a session uitarist and worked at their studio about 50 times from 1966 ~ 1971 ! What a pleasant gent he is and he dosn’t seemed to have changed much excapt for the natural ageing process ! He wears well, and I feel that the music business will enjoy his company for many years, despite his retirment ! One event concerns Radio Luxemboug on Hertford Street ! Anyone who wishes to know about what happened at that studio, when Stirling Moss, burst in through the back door, should read my short musical stories “Strange but True” on Facebook ! Great to be a “friend” of Alan’s on Facebook ! Many thanks and I shall get hold of this book !

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